Two HS teams are suspended. The shocking reason? They both tried to lose the game

Two high school girls basketball teams went to incredible lengths to lose a game against one another. It was so bad that the referee turned both teams into the state athletic association, who subsequently fined both schools and banned them each from the post-season.

Smyrna and Riverdale were both fined $1,500 by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) and placed on one-year probation Monday.

The TSSAA executive director, Bernard Childress, wrote letters to both school principals yesterday, saying each team “made a mockery” with intentional missed free throws and various intentional turnovers throughout the game.

According to the Associated Press, the referee’s report also indicated that a Smyrna player was about to shoot at the wrong basket before he stopped play and warned the coaches. He also said, “I think Riverdale was the first team to start, `let's lose the game,' but both teams obviously didn't want to win and it really showed.”

Smyrna (21-8) ended up with a 55-29 win over Riverdale (22-8) on Saturday.

What was the reason?

As the post-season state tournament approached, the loser of the game would get a more favorable position in the bracket, avoiding an early match-up with the state’s defending AAA champion.

Was the state association right in banning both teams from this year’s tournament and leveling a fine and one-year suspension? Share your thoughts below in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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