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Baseball is a great American pastime – a sport that has delighted fans, coaches, and athletes for decades, and is built on tradition. Now, this old-school sport is being met with a high-tech, modern twist, at least in coaching methodology. Coaches across all levels, youth to professional, are turning towards wearable technology, like Zepp’s baseball and softball sensor along with its brand new Coaches Center, to provide fresh insight into their players’ swings. After all, the proof is in the data.

The tiny sensor, which easily attaches to the end of a bat, captures more than 1,000 points of data in each and every swing and creates a perfect 3D rendering on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. In addition to seeing the swing in 3D replication, players and coaches receive instant and actionable feedback and data including bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, instruction, and more.

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Utilizing data is becoming increasingly important as players can actually see what the coach is talking about. They can see what is working and what is not working. And they can see improvement over time. With Zepp, coaches can actually prove what they think may or may not be happening with a swing, which allows the coach to then develop and customize the necessary drills and repetition to remedy an issue.

“How many times are you coaching, and you’re telling your player ‘I think this is happening?’ You’re watching 2D video and you’re really not getting a clear picture of what’s going on. With the Zepp sensor, we are able to see the metrics, and understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how we are going to change it,” says Major League Hitting Coach John Mallee. “I am thrilled to use Zepp with my own players, and I’m excited to share it with all of the other coaches looking to support, engage, motivate, and improve their team.”

Zepp’s technology is not trying to replace a coach, rather the company is embracing the coach. That is why the new Coaches Center is a fantastic library of resources and tools for coaches to get into the minds and playbooks of experts like Major League hitting coach John Mallee, University of Florida Head Coach Tim Walton, softball legend Sue Enquist, and two-time Olympian Natasha Watley.

The high-quality content includes more than 60 how-to videos, proven tips and drills and more. It is broken down by skill focus, whether you want to analyze the speed chart, discover new situational hitting drills, or just get some good ideas of fun challenges to bring to the next practice. The Coaches Center helps the coaches and their players become more successful.

Zepp’s Coaches Center provides tailored training content for not only baseball, but softball as well. Additionally, in a recent app update, Zepp now includes softball-specific features, and taps into the knowledge of Watley and US Olympic Legend Jennie Finch. An athlete or coach can choose Softball as the primary sport and assign goals for both Fastpitch and Slowpitch.

The coaching landscape has shifted, and coaches across the country are embracing technology to help them better teach the sports they love. Technology is not meant to takeover practice, but to be used as a tool to advance players of all levels, to the next level.

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