Gift ideas for youth athletes: fun customized socks

One of the biggest trends for youth sports is customized socks. Both boys and girls love to express their individualism and simply have fun wearing something a little out of the ordinary. Look around and you will see kids wearing customized and whimsical socks in games, at school, and in social settings.

Worried that you may not know what kids like? Here are four sock gift ideas that will be a big hit:

1. Custom ID Socks by TCK Sports ($17.14)

These are the most popular new socks on the market today. Customize them to match your child’s uniform number and colors, especially in basketball, lacrosse, football and volleyball. Unlike most socks that you buy in a pair, these Custom ID socks are sold separately so you can match the socks to your child’s uniform number.

2. Superhero Socks by Bioworld ($8.77)

Every child wants to feel like a Superhero. Nothing is more empowering than dressing like Superman. It’s easy to do with Superman Socks – complete with a Cape! This is a great selection for both pre-teens and teens.

3. Maryland Flag Crew Socks by TCK Sports ($13.99)

Maryland Socks

This eye-catching design is one of the most popular socks for both boys and girls. These socks tend to run small, so you may want to order a size up. This design is very popular among young Lacrosse players, but has also become a break-out hit among youth athletes from all sports.

4. Nike Hyper Elite Fanatical Crew Socks ($24.99-$31.91)


You can’t go wrong with Nike's Elite socks. In fact, Nike sells over $1 billion per year of this performance footwear. Match them up with your child’s favorite colors and score big this Holiday season!

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