A football parent’s guide to ACL injuries (Infographic)

For any athlete an ACL injury is disappointing, but to a high school football player, it can be devastating.

For parents, it can be extremely difficult to watch your football player deal with ACL frustrations. However, if you educate yourself with ACL education, then you can help speed up recovery and get them back to football. It’s not the end of their football career; it’s a learning lesson, which can help them get stronger.

Betterbraces.com, experts in sports bracing and therapy, shares ACL injury recovery and prevention advice to get your athlete back to playing football.

First, be familiar with what happens to the body during an ACL injury. The ACL is a knee ligament that joins the upper-leg bone with the lower-leg bone to support the knee.

From mild (small tears) to severe (ligaments tear completely), if left untreated, the knee will not have enough support for controlled movement and the bones will most likely rub against one another, causing ACL deficiency, articular cartilage damage or meniscus tears (cushion of the knee joint). Proper treatment, rest and rehab will help speed up the recovery time.

Below is their guide to ACL injuries in football:

football acl infographic

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