6 ways you can use social media to promote your sports team

Ever since Friendster and MySpace emerged in the early 2000s, social networking sites have been an inexpensive way to market products, people, organizations and ideas. More than a decade later, using social media has evolved from a novelty to necessity.

Think of social media as a platform instead of a tool. When used as an extension of marketing efforts, social media can establish or solidify a team’s identity. Here are six tips to help your team or organization:

1. Establish a Facebook fan page

Create a Facebook Fan Page. Use team picture or logo as the cover photo. Link the fan page to the team website or use in lieu of a website. Post links to team highlights, practice, game schedules and upcoming events. Solicit help from volunteers for positions as social media and content managers. 

2. Broadcast via Twitter

Use Twitter as a broadcasting station. Allow fans to follow the game live, with regular tweet, including end of quarter or innings box scores. Post results, last-minute schedule changes and even changes to the lineup. Design the Twitter page to look similar to the Facebook page. Use social media management tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck to link twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Invite parents and fans to follow the team or league on twitter.

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3. Create a Youtube channel

Use your Youtube channel to showcase highlights and games. Give the channel a catchy name such as “Tigers Television” or the “Hawks Hub.” Upload videos of post-game player reactions and comments from the coach. Package highlights set to music. Invite parents to post highlights of individual players. Upload preview and season-in-review videos.

4. Praise sponsors and donors

What gets rewarded gets repeated. Recognize sponsors in as many places online as possible. Have the team take a photo in front of a car dealership and post thanks online. If a restaurant sponsor is promoting a special, tweet it with a tag such as “Support the Local Burger Joint  that supports our team.” List parents and volunteers on Facebook. This will encourage others to participate.

5. Post polls to generate feedback

Polls are a fun and fast way to make social media more interactive. Polls can be as meaningful as vote for league MVP or as silly as “select this weekends theme music.” Polls that determine choices such as tournament t-shirt design, keep supporters engaged. Make sure poll results are instant so that fans can respond in the comments sections.

6. Create shareable online photo galleries

Use sites such as Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram to post game and team photos. Allow parents and players to submit photos. Make sure photo consent forms are signed as part of league or team registration. Categorize galleries based on games, teams or seasons.

How do you use social media to promote your team? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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