3 benefits a personal trainer and 3 tips to find the best one

Here's the thing. If you want your child to succeed in a particular sport, then this means he will have to devote much of his free time to practicing. Whether it be bouncing a basketball at the dinner table or playing football in the backyard every day after school, practice makes perfect, right?

As a parent, it's your responsibility to help your child succeed. And when your child has dreams of getting a scholarship to play a certain sport in college, you'll want to do all you can to make sure your child reaches his full potential.

An excellent way to do this is by hiring a personal trainer to work with your child. Here is what you can get:

1. One-on-one attention

When your child attends practice after school, the training that he receives comes through team practices. There probably isn’t much one-on-one attention given to your child from the coach. Even if your child is the star player, a good coach will center his practices on team strategies.

With a personal trainer, though, your child can receive several hours of customized and personalized training each week. This trainer will be able to pinpoint and improve your child’s weaknesses, and build up on his strengths.

2. Dedication and motivation promoted to your child

Playing a particular sport sometimes comes natural to some people, but even for these players, they will testify that it takes dedication and motivation to play in college and go professional. With a personal trainer by your child’s side, he will be pushed to always give his best.

3. Lots of expertise

Many personal trainers were sports players themselves when they were younger. Take for example Kenny Higgs based out of Owensboro. He played in the NBA for three seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Denver Nuggets. He now has his own School of Basketball through which he provides personal training services to many child sports players. Kenny, like other trainers who once played college and/or professional sports, have much expertise that can be passed on to your child.

Now that you know why personal training might be beneficial, here are some tips for choosing the best Personal Trainer for your child:

  1. The personal trainer that you choose for your child should possess some type of national certification -- ACSM, NSCA, etc. And while being stern and rigorous are definitely two characteristics that the trainer should display, it's also pertinent that he or she have a sense of humor when working with you child.

      2.  Do keep in mind that trainers will vary in their personalities. Some of them will incorporate many 'fun' activities into the training that they provide, while others will be more disciplined, such as yelling              and getting in your child's face as a strategy for motivation. Some children respond well to disciplined-training. If your child doesn't, then perhaps a more laid back trainer will be of benefit.

      3.  A professional trainer who is worth paying to train your child will allow both you and your child to attend the first session for free. You will find trainers who vary in their training sessions, with some of              them training only your child and others who train two to five kids at once.

The takeaway

All in all, if your child has high hopes of playing sports on a college or professional level, then hiring a personal trainer will be of great benefit. From helping your child learn the deep fundamentals of the game to pushing him to his full potential, a personal trainer can teach your child a whole new level of what playing sports is all about.

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