These indoor play spaces will blow your mind!

Indoor play spaces are the answer to the bad weather and blizzard blues.

When a storm blasts through town, DVDs and video games are the usual go-to options for keeping the kids from going stir crazy. Unfortunately, that remedy lasts about as long as a couple of Sponge Bob episodes.

A few minutes later and the kids are wiggling and running. Stuck inside too long without any physical outlet and they may even become aggravated and agitated.

To avoid bored and bothered kids, some parents have installed indoor play spaces in their homes. Especially popular in locales with long winters, indoor play spaces provide high-octane children with a place to burn off pinned up energy.

Indoor play areas range from the small room with padded walls to a full-scale sportsplex, complete with basketball court.

Indoor hockey play area

Basements make the most logical choice for an indoor play space. They are quiet, have fewer windows and can be closed off from the rest of the house. Unlike sports-themed basements, where walls are covered in memorabilia, indoor play spaces are designed for the participant instead of the spectator.

These spaces merge outdor activity with the traditional indoor rec room.

Melanie Morris, a partner with Morris & Woodhouse Interiors, transformed her basement into a sports and play area for her kids.

The basement, seen on the television show Kids Cribs, features a hockey area, foosball and games area, and adjacent lounge space she calls the “basement pit.” The pit includes a super-comfy room-sized sectional where adults and kids can tumble, flop and plop while watching two large screen televisions mounted on opposite walls.

“Kids are over all the time,” Morris said.

One Cincinnati family built his-and-her indoor activity spaces for a girl and boy. “The daughter’s section of the lower level has a dance studio. The other side drops down to another lower level, below basement level, to a gym for the son who plays basketball,” said designer Kim Fox, of Kimberly Fox Interiors.

The basement has high ceilings and includes a media and bar area that overlooks the gym.  With warm woods and other natural materials, the basements has a posh country club esthetic similar to what you might find at a swanky fitness center.

Indoor play spaces for kids

You don’t have to use a basement to create an indoor play space. Any underused room will do.

Deborah Wiener of Designing Solutions is Silver Spring, Md. designed a play space with rock-climbing and basketball court in what was an oversized and seldom-used formal dining room.

 “There is nothing complicated to turning a space like this into a climbing room or basketball court,” said Wiener. All the components and rubber floor mats are available online.”

Companies such as Eldorado Walls and Swing-N-Slide manufacture rock-climbing and other fitness features that can be installed indoors.

Washington D.C. based designer Katherine Vernot-Jonas incorporated a small rock-climbing wall and trapeze in a play space she designed for the 2014 Washington D.C. Design House.

The idea was to create a space that would encourage a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

Indoor gym and climbing wall

If you plan to include rock-climbing or any other wall or ceiling-mounted equipment, Vernot-Jonas recommends consulting a contractor about weight-bearing limits. The trapeze and gymnastic rings combo in her space, were designed to hold up to 115 pounds.

As with all play spaces, safety must come first.

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