Kids to San Francisco 49ers owner:  'Don’t take our fields'

The San Francisco 49ers and owner Jed York apparently are no match for a determined group of youth soccer players from Santa Clara.

York wanted to pave their fields and turn it into a VIP parking lot for the 49ers. The Santa Clara Youth Soccer League fought back…and won.

The kids took to social media and released this video, using the owner’s first name (Jed) in a parody of the Beverly Hillbillies and star character Jed Clampett:

The group also formed a website to help spread their plight.

According to the website, their goal is to " managed by an honest, transparent, and trustworthy city government, not an NFL franchise."

After a recent City Council meeting the group wrote on their website, "Tonight, at the Santa Clara City Council meeting, we stopped the 49ers take over of the Youth Soccer Park. Hundreds of people packed the city council chambers and an equal number stood outside.   About 75 speakers spoke publicly against the proposal. No one spoke in favor. Nobody. The council decided to create a process that includes all stakeholders, not just the 49ers presenting their proposal behind closed doors." reported, "(Santa Clara Mayor Jamie) Matthews and the 49ers had been shopping the plan around privately for weeks, and were hoping to push a deal across the goal line by next season that would have the team lease the fields from the city for $15 million over the next 39 years — plus a 20-year option.

"Acquiring the 11 acres of fields adjacent to the stadium has been a goal of the 49ers for the past year. Initially, the team offered to rent the fields’ parking lot on game days. When the soccer league rejected that, Niners executives went to the city — which owns the land — with an offer of $15 million up front, plus $3 million to the local school district to build three new soccer fields so the kids could play there."

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