5 ways to increase fundraising efforts for your child’s sports team

As the parent of a sports player, you are undoubtedly familiar with fundraisers.  In fact, every time you turn around, you probably have the boosters in your face asking you to donate money or contribute your time to raising money.  Truth is, your child's sports team needs money in order for it to function. 

The funds collected are used to pay referees and umpires, buy shoes or cleats for the players, and much more.  To make sure your child’s sports team gets the most out of its fundraising efforts, here are five tips that should be followed.

1. Ask other parents to get involved

Did you know that 77 percent of parents like the idea of fundraising, and a whopping 89 percent take part in fundraising when asked?  That means with a simple invitation to be involved in your child's sports team fundraisers, there are many parents who are ready to lend a hand.  You can't invite them to be involved at the last minute, though.  The best way to get the most parents involved is to include them from the beginning; this means sending out invitations for your fundraising events several weeks in advance and ask for volunteers.

2. Use online fundraising platforms

With billions of people using the Internet on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense that one of the most valuable ways to acquire funds is by allowing donators to give money via online platforms.  Make sure that when setting up online fundraising activities that you allow payments to be made via PayPal -- one of the world's most widely used payment methods -- online checks, credit cards, and debit cards.

3. Keep things simple

When you get into complex fundraising events -- setting up carnivals, renting out facilities, etc. -- this takes away from the simpleness that should go along with raising money.  And the more money you spend on fundraising, the less money there is to be made.  Fortunately, there are more than a few fundraising activities that are simple to carry out, and most of them will work for any sport.  Take for example that you're selling coffee and tea.  Being that just about everyone loves a cup of coffee or tea, you should have no difficulty in making lots of money off of these two items.  Keep in mind that coffee sells the best during the colder months.

4. Don't be pushy

If you make other parents feel bad for not being a part of a fundraising activity, this will further push them and other parents away from ever wanting to fundraise.  You need to let parents know that they are more than welcome to contribute in any way that feel comfortable with; this can include volunteering their time, donating money, getting others to be involved, etc.

5. Be wise about the time and location of the fundraising events

If you set up a fundraising event during a time when most people won't be able to come, such as during Christmas break, then you won't likely enjoy a big turnout.  You have to be smart about the time and location of the event.  This means choosing a location where most of the people who you want to attend won't have to travel far.

The Takeaway

Fundraising is fun and it’s one of the best ways to make sure your child’s sports team enjoys the equipment and monies it needs to play safely.  By following the tips mentioned above, your fundraising efforts will be optimized to the max.

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